Start the New Year With A Clean Smile

Dental Hygiene EdwardsThe year 2012 is coming to a close, and 2013 will be a new beginning. Start the new year right by keeping up with your dental hygiene near Edwards. Drs. Hawn and Haerter want you to live with a healthy, beautiful smile and practicing your oral hygiene is equally as important as regular hygiene appointments at Vail Dentistry.

How do you start your new year with great oral hygiene? Here are some useful tips to incorporate with your daily routine:

Eat right: Consuming black tea, coffee, or any stained foods will make your teeth look dingy and yellow. If it can stain your clothes, it will stain your teeth. When eating these stained foods, make sure you brush immediately to avoid the staining.

Brush for two minutes: Two minutes of brushing will cleanse your teeth from bacteria and unwanted deposits.

Drink natural tea: Tea contains flavonoids and fluoride that will prevent the bacteria from sticking and attacking your teeth. Drink at least one cup per day.

Use alcohol-free mouthwash: Studies have shown that mouth washes containing alcohol increases your chances of oral cancer.

Clean your tongue: Bacteria stay behind by attaching to your tongue. Clean your tongue frequently to keep your breath fresh.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Drink one cup of water every hour while you’re working. It’ll consistently cleanse the harmful bacteria from your mouth and keeping your teeth clean and whiter.

Chew on sugar-free gum: Sugar-free gums have an ingredient called xylitol. This natural sweetener prevents bacteria and tooth decay from sticking to the teeth. Also, by chewing on gum, your saliva production increases and cleanses your mouth from harmful bacteria and food debris.

Start your New Year’s resolution by keeping your teeth clean, and make sure you are also keeping up with your regular hygiene visits at Vail Dentistry.

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