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Sonnenalp Health Fair

Dentist in Vail Area
Dr. Matthew Hawn and Bethany Haerter at the Sonnenalp Health Fair on October 25


Dr. Hawn, a dentist in the Vail area, and Bethany Haerter were presented the amazing opportunity to participate in the Sonnenalp Health Fair at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail to talk to various employers about the benefits of dental health. On October 25th, we set up a booth and interacted to over 300 employees about various dental services such as implants, invisalign, veneers, teeth whitening, and oral cancer prevention. We even added some fun to dental health by giving everyone oral hygiene kits containing a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and xylitol gum, and raffling a Sonicare toothbrush.

We were honored to be a part of this fair in order to raise awareness about the benefits of dental health. To learn more about our dental services so you can gain that healthy smile, please call Vail Dentistry today!

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