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How to Get the Perfect “Smile by Design”

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If you have ever:

  • Lacked confidence in your appearance,
  • Felt shy or embarrassed to smile in photographs,
  • Wished you had a better smile, or
  • Felt afraid to ask your dentist for help,

You’re not alone.

Only half of all American adults are satisfied with their smile, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry…Open a new window to the AACD website…. On top of that:

  • 92% of adults agree that an attractive smile is an important social asset.
  • 88% say they always remember someone with a beautiful smile.
  • 85% say an unattractive smile makes a person less appealing.
  • 74% say an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for career success.

But don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for you.

In this blog, we’ll show you:

A beautiful smile can truly encapsulate who you are, and give you the confidence and happiness to present your best self.

What is Smile Design?

Smile Design combines various dental procedures that create whiter, straighter, and more beautiful smiles.

The process is all about treating each patient individually and respecting their unique desires, needs, and dental conditions.

Smile Design can include a wide variety of treatments, from periodontal surgeries to teeth whitening to dental implants.

Fortunately, you’ll have the benefit of a personal consultant who’ll work with you to see what’s best for your smile.

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What Treatments Does Smile Design Include?

At Vail Dentistry, our Smile Design approach typically includes a combination of treatments involving restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or both, such as:

Our 3-Step Plan for a Perfect Smile

Step One

First, we meet and set your goals and evaluate your existing smile.

In addition to the cosmetic side, we carry out a complete oral health examination to understand the whole issue.

This evaluation includes examining oral health, jaw alignment, and facial structure.

Before we begin the treatment process, we’ll show you the possible outcome, usually with dental imaging. Creating a trial smile lets you see your appearance before committing to treatment.

Step Two

We’ll work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan. You’ll be educated every step of the way, so you can feel confident making a final decision.

The amount of work we do depends on what you want and what needs to be done to give you a smile you’ll love, from replacing missing teeth to straightening your smile with Invisalign.

Step Three

Treatment starts and our journey to your perfect smile begins. This’ll look different for everyone, but we’ll work with you to make sure you come away with true confidence in your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Smile Design?


A smile design makeover helps people feel good about their appearance. You’ll likely feel more confident attending social functions, showing your teeth in pictures, and interacting more freely.


A whiter, straighter, fuller smile instantly improves a person’s appearance.

A majority of people associate a better smile with increased success in work and life, but what matters is that you’ll be able to look in the mirror and truly enjoy what you see.

Oral Health

Smile makeovers aren’t just cosmetic – in the process, we’ll work on your underlying oral health problems, ensuring your smile is comfortable and functional for years to come.

The Cost of Smile Design Dentistry

The cost of smile design dentistry depends entirely on what you need to have carried out. Your dentist will work with you to come up with an affordable, effective plan, and you’ll never be blindsided by charges.

Make sure to talk about expectations for schedule and budget with your dentist!

Let us show you the possibilities. Through the expertise of Vail Dentistry, you can get that brilliant, natural smile you have been dreaming of. Contact Dr. Thad Twiss or our smile team to learn more today!

We are proud to provide professional dental services to the people of Edwards, Colorado, as well as those from surrounding areas (or farther – we’re happy to help, even if you’re from out of town).

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