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Why Comprehensive Dentistry is the Holistic Approach to Dentistry [Free Infographic]


Why comprehensive dentistry makes sence

We live in a fast-paced world and we want solutions faster than now. Today, comprehensive dentistry makes all-in-one smile solutions possible faster, safer, and better than ever before.

Find out how Dr. Jonathan Haerter combines dentistry’s most vital aspects in each dental visit to give you the most aesthetically harmonious and the most durable and functional smile.

Why comprehensive dentistry is smarter

If you have been visiting dentists your whole life addressing the same problems since childhood, you need a qualified dentist to take a holistic view of your oral health. Why can we say so? Because continual breakage, chips, and decay are not normal. Most likely there is an underlying issue that we can target and fix to restore whole health to your mouth and body.

Typically, one would be inclined to visit the dentist for one of these 4 reasons:

  • To enhance their attractiveness with cosmetic smile improvement
  • To restore a decaying or damaged section of their smile
  • To treat a deteriorating health condition related to their oral health
  • To give proper maintenance and cleaning to their smile


Instead of visiting multiple dentists to address these concerns several times and one-by-one, wouldn’t it make sense to have one dentist perform all these aspects of dentistry at the same time? That surely would save you time, money, and prevent problems from developing later on.

Well, comprehensive or holistic dentistry is the all-in-one permanent solution to all dental woes.

Thanks to advancements in dental technology and thorough clinical screenings, our comprehensive dentist in Edwards, CO, Dr. Haerter can provide simple, lasting solutions to your dental problems, solutions that prevent most dental problems from ever happening at all.

Comprehensive dentistry is whole-person health

Instead of just focusing on one damaged tooth, it’s better to focus on the unique human being behind the smile to prevent your smile from needing fixing in the first place. 

Health smiles for your family with Edwards, Colorado comprehensive dentistry

By taking a holistic or comprehensive approach to your smile, our smile expert can make sure your smile passes the test of these 4 major aspects of dentistry:

  • Cosmetics: a uniquely-you smile that complements and highlights your eyes, lips, and nose
  • Function: a strong and well-aligned oral structure that does not wear your teeth or cause migraines and muscle pains
  • Biology: a healthy smile that fulfills its role along with your cardiovascular, digestive, and reproductive organs.
  • Durability. By educating on proper hygiene and scheduling regular checkups, your smile will last a lifetime.


Fact: our bodies are one big interconnected organism. Your smile plays a large role in your emotional and phisycal health.


True, accidents and natural decay happen, but a comprehensive dentist will do more than just patch up a tooth, bill you, and send you on your way. When dental restorations are needed for whatever reason, your comprehensive dentist will make sure your smile is as gorgeous, healthy, functional, and beautiful as can be.

Doing dentistry right the first time in this way impresses on the young and young-at-heart the importance of taking care of their smile and of choosing a comprehensive dentist who will provide a lasting whole-health solution.

Free Infographic: Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense


Our free Infographic will help you learn how our Beaverton comprehensive dentists combine the functional, aesthetic, and biological aspects of advanced dentistry to prevent dental problems and fix dental problems permanently when they do happen.

Download Vail Dentistry's Edwards, Colorado Infographic: Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense

Download your free copy of the Infographic: Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense to see how comprehensive dentistry:

  • Takes less time out of your life
  • Costs way less than traditional “drill & fill” dentistry
  • Prevents dental problems from arising again or ever happening at all
  • And guarantees a spectacular smile for a lifetime



Schedule your comprehensive dentistry visit in Edwards, CO

Dr. Thad Twiss, a comprehensive dentist in Edwards, CO will be delighted to show you and your family how we plan to keep your smiles bright, healthy, and functional for as long as you live.

Do dentistry right, Call our office today at (970)-766-7645 to schedule your comprehensive smile consultation and a healthy, spectacular smile will be yours to show confidently for years to come.

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