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Bridging the Gap between Cancer Treatment and the Oral Environment

The evidence is clear – oral health and systemic heath are undoubtedly intertwined. We are currently educating our patients and bringing attention to the health link of inflammation in the mouth and the systemic link.
Our dental team has training and experience in the evaluation of patients who are preparing for cancer treatment. In effort to encourage greater cohesion within the health care system, we would like to work closely with The Shaw Center in managing patients undergoing cancer treatment to help promote the best possible outcomes.

Cancer Treatment
We are offering discounted assessments for individuals referred by their oncology team. We will provide you with detailed referral forms and patient literature. When they are seen in our office your patients will receive customized care and treatment planning. We will receive consent then follow up with a report back to your office reveal our findings and recommendations.
We provide high quality, compassionate care and give hope to individuals confronted with life threatening diseases.
Please feel free to visit our office, view our website at or contact our office at any time. We appreciate your consideration and thank you for your dedicated community care.

In association with Shaw Cancer Center and Vail Valley Medical Center.

Cancer Treatment

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