Mountains in Colorado As a top cosmetic dentist in Edwards, CO, creating picture-perfect smiles is what Dr. Haerter does best. Here at Vail Dentistry, we're proud to be the part of the community that helps fellow area residents showcase beautiful smiles meant to last a lifetime. If you live here, you already know our reasons to smile are oh so plentiful, and yes, the proverbial grass really is greener in our part of Colorado! Just What You're Looking For Edwards and the surrounding area offer something for everyone, topped-off by a long list of year-round attractions and entertainment for your pleasure. Don't we especially love our:
  • Intriguing landscape of rolling hills and picturesque mountains.
  • Easy access to fun-filled activities that include horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, water-skiing, camping, plus hiking and bicycle trails—not only do we enjoy the great outdoors but we keep in shape!
  • Ability to capitalize on the unique opportunities offered-up by our four distinct seasons.
  • Three world-class ski resorts. Awesome!
  • New town—old charm. The convenience of being in the city, yet minus the unwanted stress, chaos, and endless noise.
  • Golf anyone?! Enjoying the exercise, beauty, and challenge our five championship golf courses offer. Fore!!!
Soaking-Up Those Happy Moments The aforementioned were just a few of many reasons why we're proud to call Edwards, CO our home. Isn't it true that no matter the activity, or the company you're with, being able to smile with complete confidence adds that much more to your memories? If there are aspects of your teeth that leave you less-than-thrilled and you'd like to add some “pizzazz” to your smile, contact us today. You'll discover firsthand how Dr. Haerter, your top-of-the-line dentist in Edwards, CO will help make your dream smile a reality, and have you adding our dental office to your list of reasons to love calling Edwards home! Leave a comment: What's your favorite part of living in Edwards? Where are your favorite hangouts and why?